Medway Legends weekender

Two nights, one roof and numerous Medway legends live on stage, propping up the bar and shaking on the dancefloor.

grahamday2 Confirmed headliners:
THE MASONICS (Friday), GRAHAM DAY & THE FOREFATHERS (Saturday) plus LORD ROCHESTER and The WILDEBEESTS as co-headliners, plus special guests including GALILEO 7, The SINE WAVES, Ye ASCOYNE d’ASCOYNES and The JEZEBELS.

Dabadaba was selected as it is San Sebastian’s closest relative to the legendary MIC Club in Chatham, where the Milkshakes, Prisoners & co played regularly throughout 1982 and 1983. Similar in size, tickets are strictly limi
ted to just 220 per night so please book early.San Sebastian, with a proud Basque heritage, is one of the foodie capitals of the world.
A beautiful, laid back but buzzing town with a river, two beaches, several record shops, and some of the world’s best drinking & eating establishments, it is the European home of one of Australia’s finest bars, the acclaimed GERALD’S BAR. Bar owner Gerald Diffey is a Medway native and is bringing its Rock & Roll and Rhythmn & Beat finest to town.Special DJs will keep the pace going with Medway’s finest sons, daughters & their influences (The Kinks, Chuck, Bo & Beatles, of course) plus freakbeat, psych, beat, boogaloo and northern soul gems.

themasonicsFurther details to come… inc DJs, and record stalls, films, poetry etc.

Early bird ticket price for the whole weekend – £32.70 (inc booking fee) (apx 48Euros) On sale here:


LOGISTICS: Bilbao is the most convenient airport. Transfer to SS via coaches that leave from right outside the airport (turn right outside the departure doors) and leave every hour (on the .45). The journey takes about an hour. I will be posting details about accommopdation, tourist info, best bars & restaurants etc in due course. OIt’s a great place to make a 4 or 5 day stay or a week’s holiday.